Wall Street Journal Highlights New York City’s New “Good to Go” Cup

9122eb2008ee11e3ab3c22000a1fc513_7The Wall Street Journal highlighted the “Good to Go” cup, which was the result of New York City schools’ Sustainable Cup Challenge. The article interviewed Michael Pollack and Jim Munson about Brooklyn Roasting Company’s support and participation in the program. “Coffee that tastes good and does good resonates with New Yorkers,” Mr. Munson said. “Embracing a cup that doesn’t negatively impact the environment is just another form of responsible and sustainable consumption.” The “Good to Go” cup will give customers the option to have their coffee served in a reusable cup, which will then be washed, sanitized and reused. “These (cups) are still going,” Michael Pollack, co-owner of the Brooklyn Roasting Company said. “They just have the ability to come back.” Read the rest of the article here.

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