The Good To Go Cup Pilot Program Launched at Brooklyn Roasting Company

47c6aaf4c74611e39f010002c9db04c6_8The Good To Go Cup campaign is aiming to reinvent the way New Yorkers enjoy a cup of coffee. The campaign, the result of a student project at The DO School, is aiming to improve the to-go coffee experience while reducing waste and Brooklyn Roasting Company is proud to be a part of the pilot program. Our 25 Jay Street location tested out the new approach to your daily cup of coffee from April 21-23rd.

The New York Daily News spoke with BRC co-owner Jim Munson and noted that “already bought about 200 of the sturdy blue cups” by the afternoon of the program’s first day.  News 12 Brooklyn came by to try out a Good To Go Cup and interviewed Jim in their recap.  The New York Observer, PSFK, Fast Company and Brooklyn Magazine also highlighted the program.

“The amount of paper waste is the dirty secret of the coffee retail business,” Jim told The Daily News. “We want to solve the problem.”

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  1. I still have that cup. We were working on a renovation project near 25 Jay Street loading a dumpster with contraction debris. Few of us got the cup and I still have it somewhere. Great initiative that was.

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