New Study Suggests Coffee is Good for Your Liver!

1389547_575758459180535_1335414168_nAccording to a overview of 16 studies published in Gastroenterology, it may be time to write a prescription for a cup of coffee to help your liver.  The overview shows that their is accumulating evidence to suggest that coffee helps prevent liver inflammation.  To quote the study, “coffee has been demonstrated to have beneficial effects on weight gain, development of diabetes, the prevention of hepatic fibrosis in NAFLD, and other chronic liver diseases, including chronic hepatitis C, as well as reduction of HCC.” Of course, the benefits of coffee aren’t significant enough to “treat” liver disease, but the mounting evidence is showing that a cup of coffee may have preventative effects.  Doctors also believe you should tell your friends about the benefits, according to Dr. Morris Sherman, awareness of coffee’s benefits to the liver is still very low.

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