Cornell Study Shows a Cup of Coffee a Day May Keep Retinal Damage Away

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 12.49.17 AM According to a Cornell study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, coffee may aid in prevention of deteriorating eyesight and possible blindness from retinal degeneration due to glaucoma, aging and diabetes.  A cup of coffee contains about 7-9% chlorogenic acid (CLA), a strong antioxidant that prevents retinal degeneration in mice.  In the study, “mice eyes were treated with nitric oxide, which creates oxidative stress and free radicals, leading to retinal degeneration, but mice pretreated with CLA developed no retinal damage.”  The study concluded that if drinking coffee “proves to deliver CLA directly into the retina, doctors may one day recommend an appropriate brew to prevent retinal damage.”   Read the whole study here.

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