Coffee of the Month: Guat Antigua

Our September Coffee of the Month is grown in rolling volcanic foothills of the Atitlán region of Guatemala.  The microclimate of the region is tropical and humid and, combined with rich clay-like soils, provides the ideal conditions for a range of varietals such as Bourbon, Typica and Mundo Novo.  Rainforest Alliance and Organic certified, our Guat Antigua is grown at Finca Ceylan, the premier estate in the region.  Atitlan coffees have a flavor profile is similar to coffees grown in nearby Huehuetenango – creamy chocolate, nice complexity to the body, some lemon and floral accents.   This Ceylan coffee has more citrus notes than the Huehuetenango and the chocolate is more cocoa than milk chocolate. The farm also cultivates a variety of fruits and nuts as shade crops for the coffee bushes.  Guatemalan coffees tend to be some of the most complex of all Central & South American coffees.  This month, 12 oz cans of Guat Antigua are $1 off all web and cafe purchases (discount automatically applied).

Here is what we are brewing up as Coffee of the Week in our cafe locations:

Week 1: (9/1-9/7): Costa Rica Natural
Week 2: (9/8-9/14): Ethiopian Yirgecheffe
Week 3: (9/15-9/21): Peru Natural
Week 4: (9/22-9/28): Colombia

5 thoughts on “Coffee of the Month: Guat Antigua”

  1. hi, thanks for the article. never tried Guatemalan coffee. this time I will try. my favorite is costarican coffee. there is one comes with red and black packet.thanks

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