Coffee, even Decaf, can help cut your risk of Diabetes

IMAG0483-1According to an analysis of 28 studies published in this month’s Diabetes Care, coffee consumption will reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes.  To quote the study, “caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee consumption were both associated with a lower risk of diabetes”.  The study’s findings were unchanging on the basis of both gender and coffee-brewing methods.  One Harvard professor and doctor, Frank B. Hu, found that “a 1-cup / day increment of regular coffee was associated with a 9% reduction in diabetes and 1-cup / day of decaf was associated with a 6% reduction.”  Of course, this doesn’t mean coffee shouldn’t be your main asset; maintaining a healthy diet and exercising is the most important way to reduce risk of diabetes.  However, this added health benefit comes as great news to us coffee drinkers.

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