Brooklyn Roasting Company Espresso is Coming to JetBlue Flights

ON-BH132_JetBlu_G_20141120151950-1Brooklyn Roasting Company is pleased to announce a partnership with JetBlue to bring delicious hand-roasted, sustainably-certified espresso to unprecedented new heights. Beginning in early 2015, BRC will supply espresso for JetBlue’s new Mint service.  We will be providing top-notch barista training to JetBlue flight attendants so you will be able to order a macchiato, cappuccino or cortado on par with those served at our cafes.  JetBlue senior vice president Marty St. George spoke last week about providing food and beverages from our borough for the new premium-class service, stating “we’re officially another Brooklyn hipster.”  Raise a cup with us toward the sky!  For more details, check out the Wall Street Journal article highlighting the partnership.

Heads up, our hours for Thanksgiving Day are as follows:
25 Jay Street: 7-2pm
West Elm Brooklyn: 8-1pm
200 Flushing: 7-1pm

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